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Our Telephone Advice Service has seen an increase in the number of calls about legal matters outside of our area of practice. We know you are looking for information, so we are posting links below that can help answer your questions.

Access to shared disability accommodation

The Department of Health and Human Services website explains the restrictions on access to residential care settings, which include people in group homes:

Centrelink debts

Economic Justice Australia has shared this information:

“No Centrelink debts will be recovered or raised until 3 October 2020. If you are repaying a debt, you should contact Centrelink and ask them to stop the repayments. See our factsheet ‘Centrelink Debts’ for information –


Have questions about your job? JobWatch have put together this information, contact them for more details. Alternatively, you could try Legal Aid (Second link below)

Family violence

Have questions about family violence? Here are some useful links:

Intervention orders – family violence or personal safety

The Magistrates Court has issued information about the listing of these matters here:

More general information about the court operations during this time is available here:

Parenting Orders

Have questions about how you handle the arrangements for children under parenting orders? The Family Court have issued this information, or you could try your lawyer, or Legal Aid (see link below).

Stay at Home Rules

Have questions about the current rules for staying at home? The Department of Health and Human Services have this information:

Support workers

Have questions about what happens when your regular supports can’t deliver services? The NDIA have released the video below. For more information, go to their webpage:

This video explains what should happen if your regular support workers can't deliver services to you.For more information on support workers and you tap here 👉

Posted by NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme on Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Support workers and masks

Have questions about whether your support workers should be wearing masks? Both the NDIA and Quality and Safeguards Commission have information about this on their websites.


Concerned about your tenancy and what rights you have? Worried about eviction? Tenants Victoria have put together this information, contact them for more details:

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