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We have received a number of queries about transport payments recently.*

Yes, there was a system-wide delay in payments a couple of weeks back (after a public holiday in the ACT), but payments should be back to normal now.

The issue being raised is that people:

  • have transport funding in their NDIS plan
  • have a note in the plan saying it will be paid into their bank account fortnightly; and
  • they are not receiving the payment.

It s not clear why this is happening again, but it seems to be affecting people who:

  • have had a new plan start; and/or
  • have changed their bank account; and/or
  • have changed their address; and/or
  • no reason at all.

For people who manage their own money, they can see if they are affected by simply checking their bank account for the fortnightly payments.

For people who have an administrator, the administrator will need to check whether they are receiving the payments.

We hope this does not affect too many of you, and that they work out what the problem is soon!

What to do if this affects you

If you are not receiving the payment, you should contact the NDIA in the first instance on 1800 800 110 or

If that fails to resolve it within a reasonable timeframe, you can make a formal complaint to either 1800 800 110 or

If that fails to resolve in within a reasonable timeframe, you can then make a complaint to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

* Our thanks to the work of Cheryl Cartmell, a determined self-advocate, who first brought this to our attention.

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