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Are you looking for legal assistance for a child protection matter?

Victoria Legal Aid provides advice, information and in some cases can provide a lawyer to represent you. They may also be able to fund a grant of legal assistance to pay for a private lawyer. Contact them to see what assistance is available to you.

Some Community Legal Centres (CLCs) provide assistance with child protection matters. Contact your local CLC to ask if they can help.

The Law Institute of Victoria has a referral service for private lawyers specialising in child protection. Use their online tool to search.

While Villamanta does not generally do child protection work, due to the availability of other free or low cost assistance, we may consider a request if:

  • there is no other service available (mostly relevant to regional areas where there are few services available); and
  • the central issue in dispute is about disability, and there is a legal argument to be made; and
  • we have capacity to assist at the time.

If you cannot find legal representation, it may be useful to contact a Disability Advocate to see if they can assist you through the process, and to explain relevant disability factors. An advocate may also be able to assist you to ensure you have access to the right parenting supports to demonstrate your capacity to be a good parent.

Specialist disability advocates/ legal service who assist with child protection matters include:

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