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There are two types of intervention orders:

  • Family Violence intervention orders; and
  • Personal Safety Intervention orders

There is useful information about them on the Victoria Legal Aid website and the Magistrates Court website (which explains how to make an application).

Villamanta does not provide assistance in relation to intervention orders, (with the exception of clients where we are already acting and it is too challenging for them to work with two legal teams).

If you need assistance with an intervention order matter you can contact:

Legal Aid have details about how to find assistance with a Family Violence intervention order, and

Legal Aid have details about how to find assistance with a Personal Safety intervention order.

Note: effective 1 July 2020 there have been changes to funding for personal safety intervention order matters. Further information is available on the VLA website. If you are asking VLA for assistance for this type of matter, and you have a cognitive or neurological impairment, you will need to mention your disability when applying.

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