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The Applicant in this matter, NVWC, through their legal representatives, makes this statement about the above decision handed down on 13 August 2019 (Decision)

I am the person who applied to appeal the decision of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) about the supports they would fund in my plan.

I appealed because they told me:

“(NVWC) has been deemed eligible and granted access to the NDIS due to (their) Autism Spectrum Disorder and Psychosocial disability.  Neither of these disabilities include mobility issues that would require equipment such as a Mobility Scooter.  As access has been declined under (other conditions), NVWC does not have access under a physical disability.”

This basically says that if you are eligible for the NDIS because you have condition X, then that is the only thing you can have supports funded for.

Lots of people have more than one condition, and we can’t be separated out into our different disabilities.  I can’t just leave one disability at home and go out without my scooter!

The NDIA told me this is how it works for eighteen months.

As you can see from the decision, by the time we got to the hearing, they had conceded and agreed to fund the maintenance of my scooter.

I am making this statement so that other people know they should ask for help to appeal if they think the NDIA has made a wrong decision.

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