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The Commission website provides comprehensive information about the aims and role of the Commission and options for providing a submission:

Legal Rights

Prior to making a submission, it is recommended that legal advice is sought to ensure the legal rights of the participants are acknowledged.  Your Story Disability Legal Support provide free legal advice:

Counselling support

Sharing stories can sometimes result in traumatic emotional responses and memories, the Commission recommend that participants exercise self-care.  Speaking with friends, family, GP or more formal support services is recommended.  Participants are also able to access free counselling by contacting the Blue Knot Foundation or calling the National Counselling and Referral Service on 1800 421 468.  You can get support for –

  • Your emotional wellbeing
  • For making choices about telling your story
  • Information on other practical supports available to you

Relationships Australia – Victoria also provides ongoing counselling and support to people who are affected by the Disability Royal Commission including people living with a disability, their families, friends, carers, allies and support workers.  You can contact Relationships Australia-Victoria on 1800 317 387.

Additional information regarding the Disability Royal Commission can also be found on their website, alternatively you can call Villamanta’s Disability Royal Commission Advocate, Sue Wolter, on 0401 438 481.

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