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How to get involved

Villamanta is a community organisation and we are greatly for the support of the community.  Please contact us if you are interested in being involved in Villamanta in any of the following ways. 

Volunteer with us

Villamanta is assisted greatly by its volunteer workers and by lawyers in private practice who provide our clients and ourselves with pro bono advice and support.

They are an important part of Villamanta’s operation; without them, our ability to assist our clients would be significantly diminished.

Join us

Ways you can bcomes involved with Villamanta and the work we do include:

  • Joining as a member of Villamanta;
  • Nominating for membership of the Villamanta Committee of Management;
  • Talking to us about issues that you believe we should be working on.


Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service Inc. is always grateful to receive donations to assist its work in promoting and protecting the rights of people who have a disability.

Villamanta is a non-profit organisation managed by a volunteer committee of management and has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient.
Donations of $2 or more to Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service are fully tax-deductible.
Call us on 03 5227 3338 if you would like to donate.

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